Trump VP-vetter Culvahouse very unlike the candidate himself


WASHINGTON – The attorney Donald Trump has chosen to help select his vice-presidential running mate is known by friends and acquaintances as an unpretentious, easy-going Tennessee native who has moved for decades within Washington’s power circles but prefers not to call attention to himself.

A.B. Culvahouse, they say, is the opposite of the bombastic, over-the-top New Yorker.

“He’s a common-sense, get-it-done lawyer (who) knows Washington and government well and is as honest as the day is long,” said Tom Ingram, a longtime political consultant in Tennessee. “I just can’t think of anybody better for Trump to ask to play a major role like this.”

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, who has known Culvahouse for years, said he can think of no attorney more accomplished in both law and in government than his fellow East Tennessean, who as White House counsel guided President Ronald Reagan through the dark days of the Iran-Contra scandal.

“If I were in trouble with the government or the private sector,” Alexander said, “the lawyer I would want to hire would be A.B. Culvahouse.”

In his new role, Culvahouse will be responsible for interviewing Trump’s list of potential running mates, delving into their backgrounds to spot potential problems, then telling the presumptive GOP nominee who would make the best vice president.