Trump on Martinez: ‘I have always liked her’


Donald Trump might not think Gov. Susana Martinez is actually that bad. In fact, he’d really like her endorsement.

“I’d like to have it,” Trump told The Santa Fe New Mexican when asked if he’d like her support in article published Friday. “I respect her. I have always liked her.”

Trump may “respect” and “have always liked her” but those were not the words he used during a rally in the Republican governor’s state last week. Martinez didn’t attend his rally and Trump went off by criticizing her record as governor. One claim, that she was relocating Syrian refugees “in large numbers” into her state, was disproven by

“We have got to get your governor to get going,” Trump said at the time. “She’s got to do a better job. OK? Your governor has got to do a better job. She’s not doing the job.

“Hey! Maybe I’ll run for governor of New Mexico. I’ll get this place going. She’s not doing the job. We’ve got to get her moving,” he added.

The pushback from his party was swift (including from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer). After all, alienating the nation’s first Hispanic female governor is probably not the best route when Trump needs to unify the party behind his candidacy and reach out to Hispanic voters.

For her part, Martinez has not ruled out supporting Trump.

“I am where I have always been,” Martinez said. “It’s very important that he address what is needed in New Mexico, in reference to our labs and our military bases. He’s not addressed it yet.”