GATISHEEL GUJARAT (GLOBAL GUJARATI CONFERENCE) 2016- Mr Kirit Patel,President(Friends of Gujarat)


Gatisheel Gujarat (Global Gujarati Conference) 2016 will be working towards several events in cultural, social, religious and educational spheres to galvanize our community and strengthen our spirit through varied activities. We believe that providing platform for sharing thoughts, interacting with fellow citizens and exchanging views will help these ideas grow into powerful tools that will lead Gujarat to new heights and unite its people in the process. Every year, the elected officials of organization work diligently towards enhancing the association and thus, contribute to the ultimate goal of being a significant part of the growth-journey of Gujarat. All proceeds from the events and activities of Global Gujarati Conference will be contributed towards establishing Swami Vivekananda Cultural center. We work with a vision that every Gujarati from across the world should be empowered to take a step ahead towards a bright future. We promise to shape this vision into a reality. Let us together work towards this.


Friends Of Gujarat seeks to Actively Nurture and Nourish the Future of Generation of Gujarat by providing for the needy with the belief that future Gujarati talent should not be squandered for want of resources & opportunities.
As on organization to assist deserving Gujaratis in India in matters of education, business & finance, law & healthcare and if required, to help them become part of the ever growing Gujarati community in US. Powering this noble cause is Friends Of Gujarat, a non-profit organization based in US and founded and headed by Mr. Kirit Patel He, along with a group of other highly motivated and passionate Gujaratis Founded this organization with the vision of making it a vehicle for giving back to our motherland and facilitate cultural and business exchange between Gujaratis in India and US. Friends Of Gujarat firmly believes in exchange of dialogue, thoughts and business that will help Gujarat reach greater heights and rise to further glory. With the full support of Gujarat’s government, leading industrialist and community leaders,Friends Of Gujarat’s government, leading industrialists and community leaders,Friends Of Gujarat is on its way to Creating platform that unites all Gujaratis throughout the world. With our indomitable spirit and large hearted patrons we are working hard to expand out horizon the dreams of every Gujaratis. Friends Of Gujarat offers it’s unwavering support to every Gujarati willing to step into a golden future. We strive to work partnership with Gujaratis from India and US and realize our common vision of contributing to the growth of our motherland.